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Islam and Christianity:

How To Start The Conversation About Jesus
Experiencing God's Love In Worship
Divine Entry And Virgin Birth
Using Common Ground To Share The Gospel?

Messages from our Radio Ministry
KWAVE Radio:

Introduction to Ministry to Muslims and the Big Picture Series

Why it is Important to Share Jesus with Muslims
Let Us Defeat Satan’s Strategy
Sharing Jesus Effectively with Muslims
Answers to Muslim Questions
Equipping You to Share Jesus Effectively with Muslims
How are You Going to Greet Muslims?
Share the Word of God with Muslims
Muslims are Thirsty People Drinking from Salty Waters
God Works to Attract Muslims to Christ
My Wife’s Story
Let Us Make God Rejoice More
Tell Muslims God Loves You
Our Fight Against Satan

Biblical Foundation for Cross Cultural Evangelism:

We are Winners because of Jesus
The Opportunity God is giving us
Apostle Paul's Approach
Learn from Apostle Paul
Cross Cultural Evangelism
Theos - Allah
Divine Appointment
Give Muslims Jesus
All Arab Christians Call the Creator God Allah
Please Consider Cornelius in Acts 10
What is Your Message to Muslims?
Please Bridge the Distance that Exists
According to the Qur’an, all Muslims Must Read the Bible

The Credibility of the Bible:

The Qur'an Recognizes that the Jews and Christians possess the Word of God
Responding to Muslim Terrorists
We are seeking the spoils of Victory
Evidence for the Textual Purity of the Bible
The Gospel means - God’s Glad News
Divine Inspiration Comes from the Holy Spirit
More Evidence - the Bible is The Word of God
Did Muhammad come to establish New Religion?
According to the Qur'an A believer can Submit to God without following Muhammad

Adam in Islam and Christianity:

Did God have a Personal relationship with Adam according to the Qur'an?
According to Islam, did God's command to Adam & Eve to depart from heaven also include their descendants?
The consequences of Sin and God's solution
How to become spiritually alive?
Who is a Genuine Christian?
Jesus reconciles us to God
Some Facts about Jesus

Responding to Terrorists:

November 5, 2017

The Life of Abraham:

God commanded Abraham to sacrifice Ishmael or Isaac ?
Why God chose Isaac ?
The difficult test of Abrahams faith.
God's covenant with Abraham.
Why God considered Abraham righteous ?
Why God asked Abraham to give him his son ?
Abraham's expression of his love toward God.
Jesus said: Greater love has no one than this that someone lay down his life for his friends - John 15
God's gift of grace came to us through Jesus.
The significance of blood sacrifice.
An illustration of God's ransom for us.

Jesus in the Qur'an and in the Bible:

Jesus is The Messiah
Prophecies about The Messiah
Jesus Came for all people
Jesus Came to Heal Us
Jesus Alone Displayed the Great Power of God
Jesus is the Word of God
The Eternal Word Became Human
God Spoke to us through Jesus
The Qur'an Gave Jesus the title "A Spirit From God"
The Virgin Birth of Jesus in the Qur'an and the Bible
Why Jesus was born of a Virgin?
Jesus Was Sinless
All people and prophets sinned
The Qur'an stated that Muhammad sinned
The reasons for the aimlessness of Jesus
Jesus cleanses is from our sin
Ex-Muslim Testimony
A Divine Appointment
Jesus has the Power to Raise the Dead and Create
You Can Know That You Are Going to Heaven
Jesus Has the Ability to Know the Unseen
Jesus is our only Intercessor

The Problem of Sin and the Solution:

Man’s Sinful Condition.
What is Sin?
According to Islam, “Everyone is Going to Hell”
The Qur'an Offers No Eternal Security
The Good News in The Gospel
God will give you Forgiveness as a Gift
God's Gift of Grace
Jesus will Save you
Genuine Christians Do not want to Continue in Sin
Spiritual Growth is a Process
Genuine Christians Rejoice

God Himself Came To us in the Person of Jesus, the Messiah:

God is The Servant King
God Desires to Fellowship with Us
Who is Jesus?
Why God Came to Us
Real Stories About Jesus
The Union between the Soul and the Body
Jesus fully Human and fully Divine
Jesus is The Perfect Mediator
Jesus unites you with God
Open Your Heart to Jesus
Jesus will Connect You with God
Jesus is our Perfect Example of Love
God Desires to Become Your Heavenly Father
Jesus Came to Reveal God to You
God is Glorified Through Jesus
You are so Valuable to God

Crucifixion Series

Why God did not save Jesus from Crucifixion?
There is only One Vague passage in the Qur'an about Jesus Crucifixion
Was God the Primary Cause for Jesus Crucifixion?
Was someone else looks like Jesus Crucified by Mistake Instead of Jesus?
How should we feel and Act towards Muslims?
Examining the Substitution Theory
Disagreement among Muslim Scholars regarding Jesus' Crucifixion
Confusion among Muslim Scholars regarding The End of Jesus' Life
The Gospel has the Facts about Jesus Crucifixion
Please Examine what the Bible record about Jesus' Crucifixion
Prophecies about Jesus' Crucifixion - The Evidence
There is not One Verse in the Qur'an that Denies Jesus' Crucifixion
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
The Evidence of Jesus Resurrection

The Ascension of Jesus:

The Ascension Of Jesus

The Second Coming of Jesus:

Jesus is Coming Back
Jesus is Coming Back as a Just Judge
The Holy Spirit Helps Us to Understand
Ask God to Reveal The Truth to You
Jesus Will Transform Us to His Image

Jesus is More Than a Prophet:

Jesus is More Than a Prophet

Do Christians Worship Three Gods?

Jesus' Life is Unique
Jesus Himself Reveals that God is Triune
The Bible Clearly Taught the Trinity of God
Christians Believe in One God
Islam Misunderstood the Christian Believe in the Oneness of God
The Qur'an Teaches that Christians Worship One God
God Eternally Exists as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
The Mysteries of the Divine Nature of God
The Insufficiency of Human Logic
You Can Experience God
Function and Nature are Two Different Things

Jesus is The Eternal Son of God

Jesus said: I in the Father and the Father is in Me
The Qur'an Never Rejected the Biblical Sonship of Jesus to God the Father
Jesus' Sonship is Unique and Eternal
Most Muslims Misunderstand the Sonship of Jesus to God the Father
Jesus Teaches that He is the Son of God
Jesus Taught that He is the Son of God in a Unique, Absolute and Exclusive Sense
Jesus said: He Who Does Not Honor the Son Does not Honor the Father Who Sent Him
The Jews Wanted to Kill Jesus, Because He Made Himself Equal to God
Jesus Declared that He Existed from all Eternity
Jesus Revealed the Heart of God
Jesus’ Miraculous Birth
Jesus is the Eternal Son of God

Jesus Received Worship

Al-Razi Well known Muslim Scholar
Sharing Jesus Effectively with Muslims
The Words of Muhammad’s Close Companion
Jesus Never Said, "I Am God Worship Me"

God is Love

We Sinned, However, God Loves Us
What is the Perfect Form of Worship?
Is it Possible for us to Love God with Our Whole Being?
What is Genuine Love Toward God?
Did God Manifest His Love?
Does God Love Us in a Personal Way?
God Desires You to Become His Child
We Are Going to Heaven
God is Love
You Can Experience God's Love
God Desires to Adopt You
Jesus Revealed the Truth
Jesus is Our Only Savior
You Can Be Saved from the Penalty of Sin

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I have a handful of books in our library on Islam and reaching out to Muslims, but your book is the most effective of them all.
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We were blessed to have you speak at our Sunday morning services at Crossroads Church of Denver.
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"Glad News! God Loves You My Muslim Friend" by Samy Tanagho
310 pages. The book presents Jesus and the Biblical teachings in the most understandable way to Muslims and it answers their most important questions.

  Glad News is translated to 15 languages. God has been using the Glad News book not only to equip Christians, but also to help thousands of Muslims become followers of Christ. Please examine the evidence on our website under "About Us".

"The True Love" by Samy Tanagho
136 pages. Presents God's love and salvation in a simple, deep and attractive way to all people.

  • God Loved You When He Created You
  • God Loved You When He Created The Universe
  • Wherever You Are, God Loves You
  • God Loves You, He Gave You His Word
  • God's Sacrificial Love is His Response to the Wrong we have done
  • God is Love
  • God's Love manifested through the Story of Adam
  • God's Love manifested through Abraham's Story
  • God Sent Jesus, The Messiah
  • Jesus is Unique
  • God's Passionate Love for you compelled Him to Come
  • God's Unspeakable Love manifested through Jesus'Death and Resurrection
  • God's Amazing Love, He is Coming back for you
  • God sent Jesus to Save you

DVDs and CDs
2 CDs by Samy Tanagho — Sharing Jesus effectively with Muslims.

CD — Perfect Worship according to Islam and Christianity.

DVD — Hala's story of imprisonment in Egypt for converting
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DVD — Jesus in the Qur'an and the Bible.

DVD — You can know for sure that you are going to heaven.