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God's calling upon Samy 's life:

Samy has been sharing the Gospel with Muslims for over 30 years. He speaks on God's love towards sinners and how we can communicate the Gospel effectively to the people we meet, including Muslims.

Samy's passion is to encourage every member in the body of Christ to be active in fulfilling the Great Commission. His wife Hala often joins him to share her story of imprisonment in Egypt for converting from Islam to Christianity.

What we believe...


It was a great blessing to meet you again in person and tell you all the wonderful things God is doing through your book. I've been using your book to teach my students how to evangelize and witness to Muslims for more than 10 years now. I've taught 23 men from Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan. They've taken the material and taught it to their disciples, which are more than 60 men. We routinely, see between 50 to 100 Muslims a year make decisions for Christ because we've learned how to reach them, and share with them through the chapters of your book; we lead them to saving faith in Christ. Many are then baptized and join a local church.

Because my stock of your books was limited to one case, only my first few rounds of students received books. Having more copies of your books would be so advantageous to African pastors. As a leader within the Calvary movement in East Africa I can attest to the impact your book would have if put into the hands of every Calvary pastor in East Africa. The result would be thousands of Muslims being witnessed to effectively and won to Christ. Please find a way to do this. Most African pastors can not afford to purchase the book. They are very poor financially, but rich in faith.

I have a handful of books in our library on Islam and reaching out to Muslims, but your book is the most effective of them all.

Pastor Isaac Wooton

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